Recipes - California Artisan Cheese Festival 2017

Grilled Cheese with Pt. Reyes Toma, Braised Red Cabbage
with Mustard Glaze, and Cornichon on Brick Maiden Whole Wheat Spelt Bread
Cheese Twins Charlie & Michael Kalish
Makes 1 sandwich

      Brickmaiden Spelt Bread
      Pt. Reyes Toma
      Braised Red Cabbage (recipe below)

1. Slice bread into ¼” slices and butter both sides of each slice.

2. Throw cheese into pan and flip slices on top. This will fry cheese into exterior of bread. Interior should be lightly caramelized.

3. Add slices of Toma on top of each slice of bread.

4. Top one slice with warm braised red cabbage. Be sure to strain cabbage.

5. Top cabbage with cornichon and close grilled cheese with other slice. Press.

6. Flip grilled cheese when bottom slice is nicely browned. Press lightly and grill until other side is nicely browned. Move to cutting board.

7. Cut diagonally. Serve with one slice slightly perched on other slice.

Braised Cabbage
               good-tasting extra-virgin olive oil
½ medium onion, cut into ¼-inch dice
1 head      red cabbage (2½ pounds), cut into 1½-inch chunks
               salt and freshly ground black pepper
6 6” sprigs fresh thyme, or 1½ to (2) teaspoons dried
2 dried      bay leaves
1 medium   apple (not peeled), cored and cut into 
¼-inch dice
6 Tbsp       cider vinegar
¼ cup       dry red wine
4 cups       low-sodium vegetable or chicken broth
1 Tbsp       unsalted butter
4 Tbsp       grainy dark mustard

1. Coat a straight-sided 12-inch sauté pan with a thin film of oil. Heat over medium-high heat; add the onion and cabbage and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Sauté, stirring with a wooden spatula, to brown the onions and get the cabbage to pick up golden edges. Adjust the heat so the pan glaze doesn’t burn.

2. Stir in the thyme, bay leaves, apple, and half of the vinegar, scraping up any glaze on the pan’s bottom. Boil the vinegar down to nothing.

3. Pour in the wine and broth, bring to a slow bubble, cover, and cook for about 10 minutes, or until the cabbage is nearly tender. Uncover and boil away the liquid, stirring in the remaining vinegar toward the end of the boil so it moistens the cabbage.

4. Just before serving, taste the cabbage for seasoning. Fold in the butter and mustard and serve hot.

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