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Oded's Hummus
Makes about 1 pint

2 cans            garbanzo beans (the cheaper, the better), drain and reserve the liquid
1-2                 lemons, juiced
pinch              salt, pepper and paprika
2 or 3             garlic cloves, peeled
2/3 cup          sesame paste (paste tends to separate in cans, mix it well before using)
                     chopped parsley, paprika & olive oil to garnish

Mash drained garbanzos in a mortar and pestle (or food processor to be quick.) Transfer to a bowl and add lemon juice, salt, pepper and paprika. 

Either chop or use garlic press to add garlic cloves.  Add sesame paste.

You are looking for a pasty consistency. If you need to thin, add small amount (1 Tbsp at a time) of the reserved liquid  (you can also use tap water if you dumped the can liquid). 

Once you have the right thickness, stop, taste and adjust salt and lemon juice quantities to taste, adding more can liquid if needed.  If you intend to keep it in a fridge before you eat it, you can make it more ‘runny’ as water will evaporate and it will become thicker with time – but do not make it too soft.  Make sure you cover it if storing.

When serving, garnish with chopped parsley, paprika, olive oil.  Whole garbanzo beans are an option.  Hummus is often served with Tahini in the middle of the plate.


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