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Holiday Sweets class for Kids - December 2004


Holiday Cocktail Party with Charlie Palmer and Michael Voltaggio at Hotel Healdsburg - December 2004



Private hands-on event in Santa Rosa residence - December 2004


Bay Area Travel Writers private hands-on class with chef Nitsa Prousalis - November 2004


Appetizers by Candlelight with Anne Gradek in the barrel room at Lambert Bridge Winery - November 2004


Elegant Holiday Dinner featuring soufflés with Ralph Tingle at the Forth Vineyards' private home - November 2004


Stylish Gifts from the Kitchen with Jill Nussinow at Strawberry Creek - November 2004


the girl & the fig on the Farm with Sondra Bernstein and John Toulze at Middleton Farm - October 2004


Flavorful Small Plates with Chef and Restauranteur Mark Stark at Passalacqua Winery - October 2004


Russian River Food and Winefest - September 2004. Relish organized the cooking demonstrations. Recipes here.


Hands-on Thai Food class with Ariel Ross at Porter-Draxton Studio - August 2004


Ice Cream Social with Carrie Brown in her garden - August 2004


In the Vineyard--Summer in Tuscany with Kathy Chesko at Rezonja Wine Cellars - July 2004


Farmer's Market Tour, Grilling Class & Lunch with Mateo Granados of Dry Creek Kitchen and Elizabeth Candelario from Quivira Vineyards  - July 2004


Summer Grilling with Renaud Kolpin of Bistro Ralph and Yolyn Goldschmidt of Goldschmidt Vineyards and Forefathers Wine at the Vineyard Club - July 2004


Martini-Mania Class with Anne Gradek and Frank Toledo - July 2004


Olive Oil Tasting, Class & Lunch with Colleen McGlynn of DaVero Olive Oil - June 2004


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