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Composition of Seafood “en Papillot” with Orange-Confit, Fennel and Verbena

Daniel Humm, Campton Place Restaurant, San Francisco

Serves 4 for appetizers


Seafood Composition

4 each        Hawaiian Prawns

4 each        Scallops

4 pieces      Halibut 2oz

                  orange oil

4 sprig        Verbena

                  Sea-Salt, Fennel-Pollen

1 each        Egg-white


Orange Confit

¼ gal          water

1 cup          salt

2 each        oranges


Bring water and salt to boil. Remove from heat and chill. Score the oranges and put into glasses with the salt-water for approximately 6 weeks.


Fennel Confit

2 each        fennel

1 oz            carrots, diced

1 oz            celery, diced

1 oz            onions, diced

1 clove        garlic

                  thyme, rosemary

1 cup          Olive oil

2 cup          white wine

                  salt, pepper


Sweat carrots, celery, shallots and garlic in olive-oil. Add the whole fennel and white wine to mixture and season with herbs. Simmer till the fennel is soft.


Tomato Confit

2 each        tomatoes

1 clove        garlic


                  olive oil

                  salt, sugar


Blanch the tomatoes, dropping them quickly in boiling water and then in ice-water. Take off the skin and cut the tomatoes in quarters. Remove the seeds. Drizzle olive-oil over the tomatoes and season salt and sugar mixture. Place the tomatoes on parchment paper and sprinkled with herbs and garlic. Put the tomatoes in the oven 180°F for approximately 2 hours.



Cut aluminum foil into 5x5 inch squares. Brush with olive oil. Cut the fennel into slices and put one slice on the bottom. Season the Seafood with salt and set it on the fennel. Drizzle Seafood mixture with orange oil, diced Orange confit and Tomato confit.


Put a sprig of verbena on top and dust it with fennel-pollen. Cover it with a second aluminum foil. Brush the ends with egg whites and fold it together from each side.


Cook it on the grill for about 2 minutes. Let it rest another 2 more minutes before opening.


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