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Salmon Gravlax with Sea Salt and Lavender

Chef-Instructor Nitsa Prousalis


4 lb filet of fresh wild salmon

c of Gin

7 juniper berries, crushed

c of kosher salt

c sugar

2 tsp of black peppercorns, crushed

1 bunch of lemon thyme

2 Tbsp of (culinary) lavender, crushed


Remove any bones from the salmon (clean pliers work well), and wipe off any scales with a dry paper towel. Line a large glass dish, at least 1 inch high, with two layers of plastic. Place the salmon in dish skin side down.


Pour the Gin evenly over the salmon. Spread the crushed juniper berries over the salmon. Combine kosher salt, sugar and peppercorns in a small bowl, mix by hand till blended. Pour the mixture over the entire surface of the salmon. Take of the lemon thyme and scatter over salmon. Reserve for garnish.


Wrap the overhanging plastic wrap around the fillet.


Place heavy skillet on top of the fillet to weigh the fillet down evenly. Add additional weight, such as canned goods, to the skillet. Place on bottom shelf of refrigerator and let sit for three days.


When ready to serve, take the salmon out of the plastic wrap. Wipe or rinse with cold water and pat dry. Using a long, narrow, sharp knife and keeping the knife at a 30 degree angle, cut the salmon into thin slices.


Garnish with the remaining lemon thyme and fresh Lavender.


Makes about 75 slices, perfect for a party platter!

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