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Chilled Melon Soup with Rosé Wine

Chef-Instructor Sandy Poze
Serves 8

Any combination of ripe summer melons works well for this chilled soup. For the fullest flavor, the melons must be ripe. When red watermelon is blended with the other melons, the soup turns a nice shade of rose and the finely chopped melon has the appearance of confetti floating in the soup. At the demonstration, Sandy topped each serving with a dollop of whole milk plain yogurt which perfectly complemented the sweet fruit flavor.

3 c coarsely chopped watermelon

3 c coarsely chopped cantaloupe

3 c coarsely chopped honeydew

2 c fresh orange juice

3 T honey (flavored honey such as lavender or orange blossom works nicely)

2 c dry Rosé wine

Fresh mint leaves and/or rose petals for garnish

Finely chop 1˝ cups (half) of each of the melons. Blend remaining coarsely chopped melons in a  blender with the juice and honey. (This will only take a few seconds.) Pour into a large bowl and stir in Rosé and reserved finely chopped melon. Serve immediately by pouring each serving into an iced bowl and garnishing with mint leaves or rose petals. (Soup can be made ahead and stored covered in refrigerator until ready to serve.)


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